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Tips for Landscape Design in Ontario

Landscape design in Ontario is the perfect way to add color and vibrance to your home and garden. Of course designing a landscape is about much more than just plunking down a few plants here or there. Landscape design requires not only knowledge about what kinds of plants will thrive in the area, but also how to make them look spectacular in the space you have. Here are some basic tips for landscape design.

Planting Zones for Landscape Design

One of the most important things you will learn about landscape design is how important it is to follow the planting zones. The greatest majority of Ontario lies in zones 1a and 1b. There is a sizable chunk of the province in the northern part of the province that lies in zones 0a and 0b, and there is just a very small ridge along the far southern edge of the province that falls in zones 3a and 3b.

When doing your own landscape design, it is always advisable that you consider your plant selection carefully. Just because the tag says that the plant will thrive in your plant zone, it does not mean you will have automatic success. In order to maximize the impact from the plants you choose for landscape design, you may need to hold off on planting it until just the right temperature in order to reduce the shock felt by the plant when it suddenly is planted in a zone that’s in a different climate than where it came from. Local plants are always the best when choosing shrubs and flowers for landscape design.

Hiring a Contractor for Landscape Design in Ontario

Always make sure that you get quotes from at least three different companies that offer landscape design in the Ontario area. This will ensure that you get a fair price. It does not always mean that the lowest price is best, but you will get a general idea on whether one company is charging exorbitant rates for landscaping.

You should also check with the company to make sure that they have the proper insurance and licensing necessary to perform landscape design. If possible, ask about other yards in the area where you could drive by and check out a sample of each company's work.


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