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Ideas in Waterfront Landscaping

Waterfront landscaping can be a bit tricky because it requires some rather unusual methods. After all, most homes are not located right on the water, so the majority of landscaping jobs do not require working a waterfront into the equation. However, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate waterfront landscaping into your yard in a way that really creates a beautiful space.

Whenever you are planning waterfront landscaping, you face a unique challenge because not only does the home have to look spectacular from the road, it also has to look amazing from the water. This means you have two sides of your home that must have "curb appeal", even though one of those sides is actually facing water.

The basic idea behind waterfront landscaping is making sure that you balance water quality with plants that are native to the area. Think about plants that will welcome local wildlife to your shores. Remember that you are aiming for the perfect balance between the natural habitat and the overall feel of your yard and the area.

One of the first things to think about is whether the edges of your lot are well-defined. In many cases with waterfront landscaping, the only edge along the yard is the water, so sometimes a bit more definition is needed to make it look great. Large rocks can add not only definition to the edges of the space, but also a lot of personality.

Another waterfront landscaping option is to add plants along the edge of the water. Some plants thrive in very wet areas, and they look great hanging over the edge of waterfront property. Plants that naturally need a lot of water will require very little maintenance and also look great.

If you really feel that the space needs a tree, consider varieties that do need a lot of water. The weeping willow is one type of tree that does need quite a bit of water to thrive, so it is perfect for clearing up marshy areas or simply just adding a beautiful accent to a waterfront landscaping scheme.

Using these tips can help you not only create a beautiful space, but also make one that is natural and requires very little upkeep. The less often you have to use pesticides, the better off your yard will be.

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