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Don't Be Dazzled By Lower Prices: Opt for Quality Landscaping

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When it comes to the landscaping in your yard, it is easy to think you can do more with less when you find a contractor who charges a lot less than others do for the work. In the end, a cheap contractor will actually cost you more, and you’ll discover this not long after the work is supposedly finished. If you have ever seen the show Holmes on Homes on television, you know that this scenario happens to unsuspecting homeowners all the time.

Any time you are dealing with stone, there is the potential for a costly disaster if it’s not done right - a disaster that would have been avoided if the job had been done right the first time. If the deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Here are some tips to help homeowners protect themselves:

  • Get prices from at least five different landscaping companies. Working with stone is serious business. All it takes is one weak spot in the structure, and it all come tumbling down. When you have five different prices to compare, you will easily see if one company is much cheaper than all the others. The question you have to ask yourself is why. In most cases, it is because the contractor is inexperienced. You don’t want your yard to be the landscaper’s experiment to see if he can do a good job with stone work.

  • Ask for references. The biggest testament to a stone company’s work is their past customers, and you should ask to speak not just to people who had their work done last week. With stone, it is always best to talk to someone who had their work done a year or more ago because the key is to find a contractor whose work stands the test of time. Almost any stone contractor can do a job that looks great, but if it doesn’t stand the test of time, then the job isn’t worth the stones that were used to put it together.

  • Research the materials the contractors will be using. A good sign of how well the landscaper’s work will last is the level of quality in the materials they are using. Quality stone will last forever, especially if it is installed properly. There are many different types of natural stone, and each offers a very specific texture and color. Some have specific properties that are better for certain jobs, and a quality landscaper will have plenty of recommendations on the best materials to use for your job.

  • Look for creativity. With landscaping, creativity is also something that can’t be overlooked. Natural stone is much more than just a specific style or color. It can also be a creative solution to a problem that suddenly makes that problem seem like an asset rather than an issue that needs to be handled. Creative stone work can make any yard into a haven of rest and beauty. Whether you need a retaining wall that adds to the landscape or a unique water feature no one else has, the only way to get the job done right is to choose a landscaper who offers both creativity and technical expertise of stone.

Don’t let a supposedly sweet deal trick you into going for lower prices rather than quality work. A sweet deal is always spoiled by bitter defeat when you realize that you have wasted your hard earned money on work that just needs to be redone correctly.

The experts at Flip This Yard have more than 15 years of experience in Ontario landscaping industry. They only bring high quality materials to every yard they work on, and their stone work stands the test of time.


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